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The Mermaid Army

Sat, 5 Nov 2022 - Sun, 6 Nov 2022
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The Mermaid Army is a growing collection of wild out door swimmers. It began with Margate WI Mermaids at Walpole Tidal Pool and now includes wild swimmers from more distant shores as we embark on The Mermaid Army Tour.

The Mermaid Army is inclusive and aims to represent People Who Swim. So long as we are healthy and active it does not matter what size we are because all our shapes are beautiful.

We work from observation, photographs and sketches. Sometimes we uses images that people post of themselves on social media.

Each pot is hand coiled just as women have made pots from the beginning of ceramics. The sculptured torsos are functional made like a vase or bowl, they are vessels, just like our bodies.

If you are swimmer and you want to join the army do get in touch with us TMAjawceramics@gmail.com

If you want to leave behind an unwanted comment about your own body please write on the plaque.
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